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Have a certain look your going for but just can't always seem to find the right clothing to express yourself? Well that's where Rock'Em Threads comes in. We specialize in custom clothing and accessories. We help you bring your style to life, letting you show off that style you're made for. We make certain styles ready for purchase, but also take custom orders. So take a look in our closet and see what you like, and let us know if there is any customization you would like.

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What's Happening?

Hey there! So with the recent events happening due to Covid-19 virus spreading, tragically there have been a lot of businesses closing or cutting hours for our safety. Even my full time job has cut down on hours. Which honestly I am still grateful for, because it allows me to go back to put full attention on my business once more. Now also because of the corona virus, the country has been put on a stay home order. Please everyone! Listen, this is for our safety and everyone we love and know's safety. But if for any reason you do need to leave your home, please keep your distance from others, keep your hands clean as possible and wear a mask. Now this is where I  and other seamstresses come in. I have been sewing masks for donations to medical offices and hospitals. But I am also selling masks to the general public as well. Partial proceeds go to helping make more donations for the medical proffesionals in need while they wait for more masks to get to them. But please understand that I am only one person, any orders made, please be patient with me. I also want to make sure that I'm making time for those donations. So with this all being said, I hope you all stay as safe as you can. Stay home and wash your hands. If you have any questions regarding the facemasks or any other product, please email me at or click on the  contact us tab. 


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